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Melinda Byam

How To Create A Plaid Pattern - Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

Melinda Byam

  1. Create your Warp Pattern, the lines that will run vertically down your plaid. (This step can be done using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, I will show you the Illustrator as that is what I use.) After your warp pattern is drawn, copy and rotate it 90* using Object - Transform - Rotate. You will now have two squares, one of the Warp Pattern, one of the Weft Pattern.Warp vs Weft Fashion Dictionary pic
  2. Copy the Warp Pattern from your Illustrator file.  Open Adobe Photoshop, create a new file.  Past the Warp Pattern into the Photoshop file.  Do the same with the Weft Pattern.  Label your layers as such.
  3. Open a new Photoshop File.  In the setup file dialogue box, set your file at 4 pixels by 4 pixels, Background to Transparent, Resolution to 400.
  4. Using your pen tool, set to the smallest setting which is 1 pixel, start at the bottom left corner and draw your twill pattern.
  5. Select all.  Edit - Define Pattern.  Name your pattern "Twill Pattern"\6. Return to your photoshop file where you pasted the Warp and Weft Patterns.  Create a new layer on top of your Warp and Weft Patterns.  Name this layer, Twill Layer.  Make sure this new layer is highlighted on the layers panel.  Edit - Fill Pattern , Choose your Twill Pattern.
  6. On the Twill Layer: With your wand tool select the black twill lines.  Make sure anti-aliasing is checked, and continuous is not checked.
  7. With the black lines still selected, click on the Warp Pattern layer (whichever layer is on top between the Warp and Weft layers).  You will now how the twill pattern that you created, selected on the Warp Pattern layer. Press delete.
  8.  Hide the Twill Layer by clicking the small eye. Layers - Merge Visible to merge the Warp and Weft layers.
  9. Select all.  Copy and paste back into Illustrator. You now have a plaid pattern with the twill lines that you can drop into your Illustrator swatch box.