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Dye Sublimation

Melinda Byam

A printing process used on synthetic fibers that involves inks that are pigments suspended in a liquid solvent that are printed on a heat-resistant transfer paper as a reverse image. This paper is then applied to the fabric or the garment and transferred to the fabric/garment in a heat press operating (high temperature and pressure). The heat and pressure turn the ink into a gas, permeates the fabric and then re-solidifies, leaving a permanently dyed fabric/garment. Advantages included- the permanence of the dyes, do not peel or fade; no dye built up on fabric; brilliance of colors; ability to achieve photographic images, ability to print all over fabric/garment, from edge to edge. Some of the disadvantages include the slow speed of the printer and the creases created when fabric/garment is not laid completely flat. Also referred to as sublimation print